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Ethical Chickens are Soy-Free
Soy is a plant based protein source. Soy beans in the green, raw form are highly toxic. Soybeans naturally contain protease inhibitors that keep the digestive enzymes from working. Soybeans are high in protein, just as poison Ivy is high in fiber, but that does not mean that you or, I want to eat poison ivy to get my daily fiber. 
Soy contains high levels of phyto-estrogen which can mimic the bodies hormone production. Artificial hormones are linked to many strains of cancer, tumors and early childhood physical maturity. For the same reasons, It is not safe to feed livestock foods that mimic hormone activity. Although soy-based products are widely used in livestock feeds for the cheap protein, it does not necessarily make it an ideal source of food. It promotes faster growth in chickens and early maturity too. So what does this mean for the person who eats that chicken? 
When farmers make the claim "no added hormones" are they also taking into consideration the soy in their chicken feeds? 
Ethical Chickens eat a raw, native and wild diet, it's how they are designed by nature to thrive. They do not have thumbs and therefore, do not steam, ferment or boil soybeans. In addition, Ethical Chickens prefer delicious, nutritious symbiotic food sources, straight from native land. 
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