Pesticides are known to cause disease, illness, inflammation and even cancer.

When chicken farmers buy their baby chicks from hatcheries they may claim "pesticide-free" and this may not be the case. 

Licensed hatcheries must follow very strict laws, regulations and protocol to control diseases in their hatchlings (baby chicks) and inside their incubators. This is done by using pesticides and sterilization products. 

Ethical chickens are pesticide-free. They are not purchased from hatcheries for several reasons including that it is simply not sustainable. 

Ethical chickens are raised around a vermiculture operation which means that we breed, raise and cultivate worms. Ethical Chickens are also raised around honey bee hives and pesticides are not only harmful to the chickens but also harmful to the bees, worms, ecological balance, the earth, air, planet, water supply and to the consumer.

Ethical chickens are healthier because they are pesticide-free. They have powerful immune systems, they thrive on native forage and get all their necessary nutrients from the clean earth. 

Ethical chickens are bred, hatched, raised and foraged right on our farm and cared for by their mother hens "as nature intended".