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Holistology is the logic, the study, the understanding, the philosophy, research and practice of resolving problems from the root cause "The Whole".
Otherwise,  the opposite of covering up symptoms.
Balance is essential to sustainable cycles. Balance is the key to sustainability. When we interfere with the natural balance which is already in place by our ecological systems, we often find that we create problems that tend to have a "snowball effect".
Example: Antibiotic resistance
Antibiotics are microorganisms which seek out and destroy bacteria. Antibiotics do not target one specific bacterium, they seek and destroy all bacteria in their path. This process is known to damage the very bacteria which are beneficial to our immune systems and, those which keep our biological systems in proper balance.
Sometimes antibiotics are necessary to save lives and, to prevent infections, however, consuming antibiotics almost daily, in common foods and, beverages is counterproductive and can lead to resistance. 
It is important to note that after taking antibiotics it is imperative to restore the balance of your biological systems. To rebuild your good bacteria which were destroyed during antibiotic use. This brings your body back into functional balance.  Our bodies are loaded with bacteria and with prolonged over use of antibiotics, the bacteria slowly develop methods to survive the killer antibiotics. This leads to antibiotic resistance. It is a very natural process, since the human body is designed with survival mechanisms. Antibiotic resistance is challenging and due to the over use of antibiotics in our medical systems, food, agriculture and other related applications, we are experiencing a host of problems that will likely change the way we fight diseases. 
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