Heritage Breeds


Heritage breeds of chicken are becoming a food of the past. They are being replaced by commercial and, industrial breeds. Heritage chicken breeds are quickly becoming endangered and, some breeds are now rare or, critically endangered. 

A heritage chicken breed is an old fashioned, dual or, multi-purpose breed that is also a natural breeder, not requiring artificial insemination. They lay eggs, brood clutches of chicks and, breed naturally. Heritage chicken breeds are for the most part, excellent foragers and, thrive on open, free range. Heritage old fashioned chickens are nature's pest control as, they love to hunt, scratch and even dig for, bugs, insects and, grubs. This makes heritage chickens, sustainable. 

Commercial chickens are, by human design, generated and, bred to grow very fast on a diet comprised of grains. Some reach full market weight in an little as 3 weeks. Others, may take a bit longer. 

Poultry, from chickens under 12 weeks of age are not nutritionally dense. In nature baby chicks take their time developing, this gives their body time to adjust and allow their organs, muscles and bones to develop properly.  When you consume poultry from faster growing breeds and, under 12 weeks of age, you are consuming inferior meat because,  a bird that is still utilizing all the food for growing and, developing strong muscles, dense bones and, a healthy central nervous system, does not have adequate amounts of stored nutritional density.

Every time that you order fresh chicken from Ethical Chicken, you are helping to protect and, preserve old fashioned heritage breeds and, also providing the most nutritionally dense food for you and, your family.  Heritage breeds from Ethical Chicken are better for the ecological system because, they are "grain free". Growing grains is one of the biggest problems with ground water contamination since, most grains require pesticides. Another issue with grains is that they are very thirsty and, require tremendous amounts of water which, has led to global water shortages. In addition, grains, even organic grains are contaminated with "mycotoxins" which, are dangerous molds. 

Ethical chickens are vaccine-free. They are vaccine-free because they are bred, hatched, raised by their flocks. They have stronger, natural immune systems and, this is good for you too.