Ethical Chickens are G.M.O.-FREE

Genetically Modified foods are not nature's design, they are man-made and modified for a multitude of reasons. Rice was modified to include Vitamin A. Normally, rice plants produce beta-carotene - a precursor to vitamin A - in their green parts, but not the grain that people eat. Golden Rice is genetically engineered to produce beta-carotene in the edible part of the plant. This has saved millions of people from going blind and from deficiency related diseases, infections and death. (Amy Norton, Health News, Reuters)


I'm no expert on GMO's and this is probably one of the reasons I'm cautious. There are questions that require more detailed answers when it comes to Ethical Chickens and GMO's. When genes and DNA from reptiles and fetal embryos are added to strains of food  for the purpose of altering DNA structures for making seeds sprout faster, produce more crop yield or even be more disease resistant; it reminds me of vaccines to a certain degree. Some modified seeds contain a type of time release pesticide, which is also interesting. This leaves me with questions such as; What are the long term effects on a person who eats G.M.O. foods? Can it alter the DNA of the chickens who consume these foods?, Can it alter my DNA? or the DNA of our customers? And why are some seeds developed with a suicide gene? 

Genes and DNA are very delicate matters,  and I am not comfortable with consuming anything with altered genes or DNA, mostly because I do not know enough it and about the long term effects on people, animals, the eco-system, the earth, air, food and water supply. Ethical Chickens do not eat GMO's. We do not grow any GMO plants on our farm, and it does not fit into our holistic mission of producing healing food "as nature intended". Chickens have been around for centuries, and they have done quite well so far without GMO's.