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Ethical Chickens are Fish-Meal and Oyster-Shell FREE
Fish meal and oyster shells are used all the time in poultry production. Even many Organic and small family farms produce chickens using these products. I remember the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster like it was yesterday and, it is still being flushed into the Pacific ocean, and that's just too close for comfort. 
Many people suffer from shell fish allergies and, food related allergies are very serious and, even life-threatening. 
I've seen chickens (game fowl) in their most native and indigenous environments and, never have I witnessed chickens or game birds go diving into the ocean for oyster shells. Oyster shells are very high in toxic heavy metals such as copper (30-200 mg/L) , vanadium, cobalt, and chromium. So when consuming poultry from chickens fed or, supplemented with oyster shells, those heavy metals can transfer and, travel through the entire food chain and, into your diet. And, what about fish-meal? 
Fish meal is old, fish offal, bones, entrails and, fish manure that is made by cooking, pressing. drying and grinding these fish parts and fish waste into a solid. Although there are several ways to process fish-meal, today, industrial fish meal is made by one or more of the following ways: steamed, cooked, pressed into cake and dried in a heated tumbler. Fish-meal is used as a fertilizer. How is this something for chickens? Well, it is commonly used as a high nitrogen and, protein supplement. 
Ethical Chickens get all of their necessary calcium, minerals, vitamins, fats, fiber and high protein nutritional needs, through their native and, indigenous, wild foraged diet. They pasture , forage, scratch, hunt, peck and, they eat a wholesome buffet of seeds, weeds, bugs, grubs, berries, vegetables, fruits, grasses and, a whole lot of living insects by, roaming freely from sunrise until sunset. They do not need anything from the ocean, to grow, thrive, be healthy and happy. 
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