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Ethical Chickens are Corn-Free
Corn blocks the absorption of necessary minerals and vitamins. Corn can cause health complications in chickens such as sour crop, pasty-butt, acidosis, E-coli, Mycoplasmosis, inflammation, digestion disorders, enterocolitis and enteritis. Corn fed to chickens is mostly used for energy, and that which is not, absorbed and digested is, stored in the fat of the chicken. 
In people, corn has been shown to cause high spikes in glucose levels and elevate production of insulin which puts a strain on the pancreas. Ethical Chickens do not eat corn. Most corn is genetically modified and we are not smart enough to understand the process of genetically modified organisms or, the long term effects therefore, we think it's best to stay clear.
What we do understand is mold, Mycotoxins, ionizing radiation, disease, illness, cancer and inflammation. Mycotoxins are naturally, on corn. It is a toxic, deadly mold type fungus that is found on corn, even certified organic corn. It is controlled to some degree by being treated with ionizing radiation. Maybe this is why the majority of all corn is used for livestock, pets, animals and, highly processed corn is used as a common ingredient in processed foods, for human consumption. Corn is also used to make sweeteners such as High Fructose Corn Syrup.
We believe that corn is not good for Ethical Chickens and, that it may compromises the quality and nutrient density of perfect, heritage poultry. Personally, we do not want to eat deadly molds, we do not want to ingest ionizing radiation and we want our foods to be bio-available, nutrient-dense and healing. Ethical Chickens are healthy, nutrient-dense and, they produce a delicious healing food. 
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