Ethical Chickens are ANTIBIOTIC-FREE
Antibiotics kill bacteria. Antibiotics do not target only bad bacteria but also the good bacteria which, are critical for beneficial and, general good health. Have you ever been prescribed antibiotics? if yes, you may remember the doctor saying "don't drink milk, avoid yogurt and cheese". The reason is because the antibiotics can have a difficult time doing their job when you're adding good bacteria.
Consuming poultry from chickens, fed or, administered antibiotics is a leading source of antibiotic resistance. One of the most widely known resistant bacteria is Staphylococcus-Coccal, a gram-positive bacterium which is resistant to even the most basic of antibiotics. Having a strong immune system is vital to healing quickly and for survival. Antibiotic resistance can be  painful and in some cases, even deadly.
When chickens are fed antibiotics, the poultry is saturated with those antibiotics, which is passed on to you.  Most farmers who feed chick starter to their baby chicks have the option of buying "medicated". Otherwise, most farmers add powdered antibiotics to the water supply as a preventative measure. A preventative measure which is also accepted by the USDA, National Organic Program. 
Antibiotic-free Ethical Chickens are naturally disease resistant due to their incredibly strong immune systems. This gets passed on to you and, all our customers, and that's yet another reason why Ethical Chickens are "second to none".