Ethical Chickens are raised on a small,  private family farm

Certified growers/producers located in Pinon Hills, CA. 92372

Ethical chickens are from heritage and old fashioned standard breeds. They are holistically raised by IAH methods that meet and exceed E.U. Biologique, Physio-Organic and U.S.D.A. Certified Organic Standards.


Ethical Chickens are the best because they are bred, hatched and raised on the farm by parent stock, they are 100% open range, pasture-based, antibiotic-free and ...
Pesticide-free. G.M.O.-free. Corn-free. Soy-free. Rye-free. Wheat-free. Gluten-free. Fish-free. Mercury-free. Vaccine-free.

Ethical Chickens are never administered any drugs or chemicals. This farm/ranch has been at the same location since 1991.

Ethical Chickens are never caponized, and always treated with kindness and love.

Ethical Chickens are Mycotoxin-free which helps to prevent food-related allergies,  strengthen your immune system and help to prevent inflammation, disease and illness.

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